100% Natural and Vegan Hair Growth Serum - 50 ml

    100% Natural and Vegan Hair Growth Serum - 50 ml

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      The House of Wellness Hair Regrowth Serum brings to you the goodness of Ayurveda, to your fingertips! Recommended by trichologists and doctors, our Vegan and All Natural product are the best of both worlds!

      Our serum stimulates hair stem cells, allowing your hair to reach a new re-growth period. It acts as a molecular switch that helps in regrowing hair follicles.

      Regular use helps balance your hair regrowth cycle and promotes a healthy scalp. This natural remedy to control hair fall, balding, and hair thinning, is sulfur and paraben-free. The organic and natural product is also a perfect solution for your dandruff and eczema.
      Safe for use even for kids!

      How to Use

      Apply the required amount of the serum directly to the scalp especially in the areas you wish to promote regrowth in or see hair thinning in. The product can also be used to target areas with dandruff or eczema.  Massage it gently with your hands.

      The product should be used twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. 

      DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR post using the product. The product must be left on for all-natural ingredients to be absorbed.  

       It works equally well on damp/just-washed hair, as it does on dried hair. The product is non-sticky and non-greasy and is very easy to use!

      Our product delivers visible results in 30 days. We highly recommend continuous usage for drastically visible and satisfactory results for at least 3-4 months.

      Why Our Product Works The Best

      The House of Wellness’ Hair regrowth Serum is based on a 100% natural way to help restore your hairline and control hair fall. The primary ingredient,  Apple seed extracts, helps awaken your hair cells for re-growth. The product is a soft and calming serum that plumps hair from root to tip.

      Disclaimer: While the product targets hair regrowth and balancing the hair-regrowth cycle, it must be noted that a cause of hair loss or baldness can also be a variety of medical issues. Please check with your physician or trichologist in such a case.

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