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Everything we do is about our community, the environment and about you. From the inception of an idea to the implementation and the end product, House of Wellness thinks and cares about YOU.

Born under a parent company UberLux India, in the year 2015, HOUSE OF WELLNESS was formed with a purpose to provide the society with only the finest products and services while focusing on creating and bringing compelling luxury brands in India. With a philosophy of uniting mind, body and soul, we hold a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, using a perfect blend of Ayurveda with the modern sciences and formulations.

We endeavour to provide a wholesome wellness through an unparalleled selection of the world’s finest and luxurious natural, organic and herbal beauty products, that are technologically cognizant and have prudent valuations. We believe that everything we need for a healthy body and beautiful skin is derivable from the lap of nature. Products made from natural ingredients are easier on the body and are less polluting during the manufacturing; they also biodegrade quickly after use.

Products that are great for you and even better for Mother Earth.

We Pride ourselves to be a part of MAKE IN INDIA and even ensure that our raw materials are sourced from the local farmers and micro-enterprises. We aim to illustrate the rich organic heritage of India in cosmetics and wellness products.

Bringing together the uniqueness from each state and region, while using handmade papers, bamboo and other organic products for packaging as well.

We have a range of products from cult buys to everyday essentials for all the families.

Our products are made without any synthetic colours or fragrances and we insist on NO Parabens, NO SLS’s and NO animal testing.

We promote environment-friendly products and processes. We are a fair trade company and showcase industry specific certification to build a trust-based relationship with our audience. We reckon and strongly believe that beauty is more than skin deep. To this end we constantly update and re-evaluate our products. We recognise the value of nutritional expertise, traditional remedies and regional heritage, along with cutting-edge scientific research and testing in product development.

Taking every aspect into consideration, we believe it matters that we work with like-minded individuals and companies we can trust; we respect their passion for the products and the love, skill and expertise which goes into developing them.


Mission & Vision

To be the most loved and trusted, beauty and wellness brand in India and across the Globe. At House Of Wellness, we value the trust of our customers, therefore we constantly re-evaluate our products and techniques, while being committed to maintaining an excellent quality and delivering only the best.

To expand our knowledge in natural and Ayurvedic skincare and wellness, while creating exceptional products through the leading edge technology, at the most affordable costs.

Company Values or USP

The values at House of Wellness revolve around the concept of sustainability and purity. Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals like Sulphates, Paraben and so they do not cause any harm the waterways or the marine life. We ensure that all our raw materials are derived from nature, sourced ethically and from small farmers and suppliers, which helps us give back to the society. When we consider all aspects, we believe in being kind to the Mother Earth and by doing so, being kind to ourselves. We understand the basic facts and put our best efforts in making all aspects of our business more sustainable.

Cruelty Free
We love our furry friends and we promise we never test our products on them or even buy any raw materials that are tested on animals.

No Nasty Chemicals
We promise that all are products are free from harmful chemicals and ensure that they always will be.

Organic Ingredients
We aim at using only the best and organic ingredients, for all our products and ensure to source only from certified and trusted suppliers.

Biodegradable Products
While making formulations for our products, we make sure to use all natural ingredients which cause no harm to the waterways, animals, marine life or humans.

Recyclable Packaging
All are products are carefully designed and packed in containers that are made from recyclable materials.

We Care
Though we are committed to serving our society and working for the better wellness of humanity, we equally care about our environment and therefore align our values in order to give back to nature.

Why Us ?
At House of Wellness, we believe that skincare and wellness should not be a luxury and rather a necessity for all. We care about YOU. Everything we do is about our community, the environment and about you. From the inception of an idea to the implementation and the end product.

Formulated with the best available ingredients from nature, procured through ethical chains, using the Ancient Indian Wisdom and contemporary techniques and via most stringent standards of testing and safety, our products have been created to meet the current and ever changing demands of your skin. We have different collections out of which some are Handmade with Love, by efficiently trained members of our team.

All our products are formed by time-test and scientifically backed ingredients and formulations. We understand the need of the hour and work with the help of advanced technology in order to deliver the best quality products. House of Wellness works for the betterment of the environment and the human kind.

You can write us at [info@houseofwellness.in] or [Church View Apartment, Sec 29, Noida, 201301]

Made In India
We Pride ourselves in being MADE IN INDIA and we ensure that all our raw materials are sourced from the local farmers and micro-enterprises and in the process supporting them.

Aiming to illustrate the rich organic heritage of India in cosmetics and wellness products and bringing together the uniqueness from each state and region.

We at House of Wellness understand that your skin is as unique as you are, and so we know the importance of personal consultation regarding specific problem.

Our experts are always here to assess your problems and guide you with the selection of products.

Ancient Indian Wisdom
Ancient Indian Wisdom or as commonly known as Ayurveda, is the world’s oldest documented embodiment of the medical knowledge for the physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing of the humans kind.

Ayurveda is a foundation of plant-based healing and we at House of Wellness try to practice and inculcate it into a lot of our products.