Welcome to the House of Wellness!

We embrace an Ayurveda-centric approach to beauty through holistic, multi-faceted thinking.


“Everything we do is community-driven, user-centered. We think about our environment and above all, put YOU first. From the inception of an idea to the implementation and the end product, House of Wellness thinks about you before, during, and after.”


About Our Brand
We believe that everything we do here at House of Wellness impacts our customers, our culture, and the WORLD around us. If a company is involved positively within its community, which we are, and also produces environmentally friendly products, its customer base (which is also true for us), it's safe to say that it is good business with a conscience.

House of Wellness was founded in 2015 under the umbrella of Uberlux India Advisors LLP. It has a dual purpose: first, its goal is to provide India with only the finest products and services. Second, its ambition is to bring compelling luxury brands to India, merging Ayurveda with modern sciences and formulations. In other words, it seeks to unite mind, body, and soul through beauty products.

Our company specializes in eco-friendly products and procedures. We are a fair trade organization that promotes credibility and trust-based relationships with our audience.

We believe that beauty goes beyond appearances; that it's about radiance from the inside out!

Our products are constantly updated and reevaluated to ensure their safety, performance, and efficacy. We use heritage recipes with nutritional expertise, scientific research, local climate conditions of specific regions when planning formulations for our products.

What makes us unique is that we only create products made from plants and natural ingredients because we want everyone who buys from us to reap all the health benefits that nature has in store for them!


How Do We Act?
We like to think of our business as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where you can just be yourself. If you are looking for high-quality, handcrafted products that will leave you feeling your best and that are affordable, we are happy to welcome you to our world!

House of Wellness believes that when it comes down to taking care of your body using the best products out there - nature is always more beneficial in the long run! Since everything nature produces is easily biodegradable we feel very strongly about using safe ingredients in all of our products.

Our 100% organic products not only work better but also have less impact on our environment and will leave a smaller carbon footprint on Mother Earth!

House of Wellness is Committed to Cultivating Relationships

We believe in making our products in India, and even source our raw materials from local farmers and small-scale suppliers. We want to convey the rich heritage of Indian beauty and wellness methods in our cosmetics through traditional methods like Ayurveda - a traditional Hindu system of medicine that is based on the use of plants and herbs, as well as yoga.


Our Vision
To be the most loved and trusted beauty and wellness brand in India. At House Of Wellness, we value the trust of our customers, therefore we constantly re-evaluate our products and techniques, while being committed to maintaining excellent quality and delivering only the best.

Our Mission
To expand our knowledge of natural skincare and wellness through beauty products, while creating exceptional products through leading-edge technology at the most affordable costs.

Our Core Beliefs

  • The values at House of Wellness revolve around the concept of purity and sustainability.
  • We ensure that our products do not contain any harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, etc. and that they don't cause any harm to waterways or marine life.
  • We purchase all our raw materials from nature-friendly sources and small farmers, so we give back to society by supporting the local communities.
  • Our purpose is to be kind to Mother Earth and in turn, we will be kind to ourselves because after all, nature revolves around holistic thinking!
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We love our furry friends and we promise we never test our products on them or even buy any raw materials that are tested on animals.

No Nasty Chemicals
We promise that all products are free from harmful chemicals and ensure that they always will be.

Organic Ingredients
We aim at using only the best and organic ingredients, for all our products and ensure to source only from certified and trusted suppliers.

Biodegradable Products
While making formulations for our products, we make sure to use all-natural ingredients which cause no harm to the waterways, animals, marine life, or humans.

Recyclable Packaging
Bringing together uniqueness, the handcrafted papers, bamboo, and the other inorganic materials used for the packing of our products. All of our products are made using recyclable materials.

Product Portfolio
Our handcrafted products consist of regular and everyday products for your home. Our products are all made without any synthetic colors or fragrances, and we give a special priority to making sure that no parabens, sulfates, or animal testing takes place in the creation of our goods.

We Care
Our values are fuelled by our passion for nature. We are committed to serving our society and working for the better wellness of humanity, we equally care about our environment and therefore align our values to give back to nature.

Bespoke Experiences Crafted Especially for YOU
At House of Wellness, we strive to understand how your skin is a reflection of you. Our expert team will guide you in learning more about yourself while showing you specific products suitable for your needs! We'll make sure that regardless of the steps we take together to keep your skin healthy, you'll also be guided towards putting the best products on your skin.