How To Choose Correct Face Wash According To Your Skin Type

by Arohi Chauhan on October 26, 2021

Choose Correct Face Wash According To Your Skin Type

There has always been a fine line between skin hygiene and breaking the skin hedge. Sanctifying the skin is still an exciting start to your skincare routine. While you want to wash each and every severance to get relieve of the dirt, dust, smut and makeup, you clearly wouldn’t want to strip the skin of its natural humidity and maintain its natural pH balance too. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? Don't worry as Ayurveda and House Of Wellness have the perfect result customized for all your cleansing needs.

The Ayurveda secret to healthy, glowing and indefectible skin lies in a proper cleansing routine with cleaners that are natural and non-abrasive. First, let us understand why skin purification is so essential for us.

1. To Remove Makeup - No matter how good the makeup is, it builds up a little quantum of debris that can beget clogging of pores giving way to papules, blackheads or acne. A gentle yet effective cleaner helps to remove makeup painlessly.

2. To maintain Ph Balance - Generally, face wash tend to take down all the natural oil from the face. A gentle chemical free cleaner is essential to maintain the delicate oil balance of the skin.

3. To Hydrate & Refresh the Skin - Hydration is essential while skin cleansing, given the dry and withered surroundings, the skin is exposed to utmost of the times.

4. To help debris figure-up - Debris make up can be due to dirt, dust and pollution. This requires a purifying face cleaner for combination skin as well as all skin types

5. To lighten and cheer the skin - An advanced whitening, cheering and lightening formula should be used so that it significantly helps to clear tan and awaken the skin from its dullness to a renewed gleam.

In a nutshell, an ideal skincare governance begins with choosing the right kind of skin cleaner. At House Of Wellness, all our skin cleaners are pH balanced and free from any form of sulphates. Natural raging agents like Sandalwood, Kesar, Green Tea are used for saponification, giving you a mild and delicate sanctification experience because we watch for your skin as much as you do. Pick and choose your ideal cleaner from House Of Wellness's selection of facial cleaners.

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